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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Perkembangan Janin 4 minggu - 20 minggu Melalui USG

Kehamilan 4 minggu 5 hari

Kehamilan 5 minggu

Kehamilan 5 minggu 2 hari
(Five week pregnancy ultrasound with sac and yolk sac Transvaginal ultrasound, normal pregnancy at 5 weeks 2 days Gestational sac (black area ) and yolk sac are seen Sac measures 6.25mm diameter Yolk sac (small white circle in left side of the sac) Yolk sac is a source of nutrients for the fetus The fetus is too small to be seen this early in pregnancy)
Normal pregnancy ultrasound at 5 weeks gestation

Kehamilan 5 minggu 6 hari

Kehamilan 6 minggu 1 hari
(Ultrasound picture at 6 weeks and 1 day of gestation Yolk sac is seen to the left of the fetal pole (fetus) Fetus has CRL, crown-rump length, of 4.3 mm (between cursors) A fetal heartbeat was seen during this scan)
Ultrasound in early pregnancy 6 weeks from last menstrual period

Kehamilan 6 minggu 6 hari

Kehamilan 7 minggu 1 hari

Kehamilan 7 minggu 4 hari

Kehamilan 7,5 minggu

Kehamilan 8 minggu

Kehamilan 9 minggu

Kehamilan 10 minggu

Kehamilan 10 minggu bayi kembar

Kehamilan 11 minggu

Kehamilan 12 minggu

Kehamilan 13 minggu

Kehamilan 14 minggu

Kehamilan 15 minggu
15 week

kehamilan 16 minggu 

Kehamilan 17 minggu

Kehamilan 18 minggu

Kehamilan 19 minggu

Kehamilan 20 minggu

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